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The following are genuine samples of  testimonials we have received from clients who have attended our clinics.However at Complete Footcare we believe what is more important is what you feel after we have treated your foot problem.



"Complete Footwear made me up custom orthotic  insoles and orthopaedic shoes as i suffer from      rheumatoid arthritis .They have proved so beneficial

to my mobility and comfort to my feet i cant thank you enough.

Karen Dublin 7.

 "My son had a very painful ingrown toe that was

dealt with in a painfree understanding and professional    manner by Complete Footcare.

Mary Thurles.

 " I attended Complete Footcare with a very painful heel  pain.My feet were thoroughly examined and everything explained very clearly.I was prescribed orthotics that were made especially for me and also comfort footwear.I stand alot in my job and i cant thank Declan enough at Complete Footcare

James Carlow.

"i attended Complete Footcare with a dropfoot on

my left foot.I was thoroughly examined by Declan the Podiatrist and i was prescribed an ankle assist ankle foot orthotic. Since i got the afo my walking is so much

improved and my quality of life is so much better many thanks Declan.

Michael Dublin1.